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   NCIS LA 1x02 (HDTV-LOL)



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[#119700] Written by: paulopinto [29/09/09, 23:19]
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thank you from honduras!
[#119746] Written by: PumpkinEscobar [30/09/09, 09:04]
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was this episode any better than the pilot/premiere?
[#119845] Written by: moonlander0 [01/10/09, 12:03]
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ncis l.a. is not really living up to my expectations. such as in this episode he just happens to
recognise a person ‘by his body language and hand signals’ that he hasn’t seen in years and what is
with there head-quarters and the short old lady.
they have lost me with they keep getting information and having video chats with leon vance (director
of ncis east coast) as they have said on previous ncis is separated into east, central and west. and
vance use to be director of central before jenny shepard died and he became director of east coast.
why the hell is he acting like there boss
sorry if this isn’t the place to bag out on this rather unconnected confusing spin-off of the great original
[#119853] Written by: JeanLucPicard [01/10/09, 13:15]
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as i said before ... i will give ncis:la some time to develop. the producers will hopefully take
into account the criticism/reviews and will adjust the show accordingly.

imo the big mistake is expectation ... this is not ncis and the show's characters are not nearly as
unique and well-balanced as the original series' cast (which was ncis' main strength right from the

oh btw ... personally, i liked the second episode better than the first one ...
[#119866] Written by: vexxxboy [01/10/09, 18:45]
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quite liked the second show but i also dont like that short old woman, it slows the whole show down
and i just fast forwarded through her scenes and missed nothing
[#119873] Written by: dsch1956 [01/10/09, 21:32]
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which show was it exactly where it was mentioned that ncis is separated into three regions? perhaps
they said there were field offices in those three regions. ncis is one agency with one director
headquartered in washington, dc. when jenny shepard was the director, leon vance was the assistant
director. he is acting like the boss of the ncis los angeles office of special projects agents because he
is the boss.
the short old lady's name is linda hunt and she has more acting ability than all of the other actors
combined. try watching the movie the year of living dangerously from 1982 and see if you can figure
out why she won the oscar for best supporting actress.
[#119942] Written by: Tooboodoo [02/10/09, 14:45]
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this episode had more of the ncis trademark humor, which was a welcome addition after the too
serious first episode. i'll keep watching for a little while like i did with the 2 csi spinoffs, but
unless it breaks out into its own thing pretty quick i'm probably gonna skip it. plus it's hard not
to take out my anger at the unit's cancellation on ncis: la, even though it's not really their fault.
[#120180] Written by: crazyivan [05/10/09, 02:06]
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i'm guessing this is an 8pm show, because the mood music they play throughout seems to be that
whacky disney music aimed at 12 yo boys, the stuff they played during xena when there were joxter
scenes. once i wrapped my head around that, i get the show's pov now. i wish them luck, and i think
ll makes a good role model for the kids.