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   Vuze Problems since last night?



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[#120934] Written by: slad007 [14/10/2009, 21:46]
hi all,

we updated the torrents now to use multiple trackers ... this means if one tracker fails now that
your client will automatically poll another tracker from the list in our torrents

seems vuze has a little problem with that and check this thread for an update


some people say the update did the trick to make it work ...
other say they need to reset the settings as discussed in the thread...

you can bypass the bug by going to tools->options->connection, and unchecking
"prompt for selection when a dl with an anonymous tracker is added."

anyway it is a vuze problem as they need to follow the general bt guidelines

so if you have problems with vuze, ask the vuze people to update their client

[#120948] Written by: slad007 [14/10/2009, 23:12]
for the tech guys who want to know more


vuze don't like onion's but they made a fart with this one

have fun
[#120963] Written by: cazzzzzzzz [15/10/2009, 02:33]
hmmm i wonder if this could explain something. yesterday i left my laptop with only vuze open downloading a single torrent i got here at eztv, 2 hours later i came back to a torrent that had completed but it was all in red and said that the file location was missing and then locked up my laptop.... which apparently now has corrupted windows files and reqiures a new hard disk

probably nothing at all to do with this but just seems funny it happens all on the same day whilst running vuze lol
[#120978] Written by: jgb83 [15/10/2009, 06:42]
you could just avoid vuze. i hated it once it went to vuze anyhow. and now i get that stupid popup
asking me for money. boo-hoo "we spent 60,000 hours writing code..." well then don't freakin' send
it out for free if you want money. see how many people use your program then. think advertising if
you want money from people who are considered pirates. and now it's stalling. f-it.

utorrent is nice, just downloaded it, seems "lite-r". gonna give it a run.
[#120981] Written by: Xare [15/10/2009, 07:28]
well this messes with me...

i use the old azerues for public torrents. now its not working and i dont want to update to vuze.
[#120995] Written by: foe [15/10/2009, 11:23]
i love vuze, with a click i can stream the episode i just downloaded to my xbox, or convert it to
ipod format, and it looks just like old azureus once you choose classic interface during the
installation (or under options->interface->start->display ui chooser). as for the popup, i don't
find it very annoying, it comes up maybe once every 2 months and you just need to click no thanks! i
would suggest giving it a try... you might like it (but backup the old version first, just in case!)
[#121002] Written by: envoy510 [15/10/2009, 14:29]
utorrent on the mac sucks. period. i was forced to go back to vuze. if you set the ui to classic
mode, it's ok (like the old azureus).

my problem is the azupdater zip doesn't ever finish downloading. just sits there for hours. anyone
else have this problem?
[#121010] Written by: pot [15/10/2009, 16:08]
i think vuze sucks. i don't need vuze to stream stuff to my xbox, i use win7 built in media sharing
for that and it works great. utorrent is what i use, small, lean and does what it is supposed to do
without a bunch of bloat.
[#121019] Written by: snoozy07 [15/10/2009, 19:33]
has anyone had any problems with trying to download cougar town s01e04???

i have tried all links and even in a different download program

every time i click on it it opens in vuse the part that shows me the files and then it stops
responding..... its been happening since yesterday

but glee downloaded as did 90210 and greek..... and the first three eps of cougar town works its
just this episode

can anyone help me

email me [email protected]

need someones help asap

[#121040] Written by: gmeister [16/10/2009, 00:57]
my problem is the azupdater zip doesn't ever finish downloading. just sits there for hours. anyone
else have this problem?

i've been having the same problem (on a mac as well) has anyone found a fix for it?
[#121064] Written by: sonmoix [16/10/2009, 10:06]
hi there,

i have the same problem that snoozy07. some torrents work, some others don't work.
for example: i downloaded glee without problem, but can't download flashforward (when i try azureus
collapses and i have to close it .

i use azureus vuze didn't work for me, so a long time ago i went back to the
version (works perfectly).

i understand what slad007 explained, so i've downloaded an alternative torrent for flashforward
directly from mininova and it works. i also understand this is my problem, not a eztv problem.
from the time being i'll search in mininova, but i would like continue downloading torrents from
eztv, so if anyone finds a solution for the version, please shre it with us.

p.s.: i apologize if my english is not so good and hope it's understandable
[#121114] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [16/10/2009, 21:31]
if you read the website, you will notice this will affect all old versions of azureus/vuze. you will
either have to toggle that option off, or update to the latest vuze, if you have issues still.
please contact vuze in regards to getting this fixed.
[#121129] Written by: gveloz [17/10/2009, 01:24]
i've got vuze v4.2.0.8 and still have that problem.
i really like vuze, but if the problem persists...
[#121145] Written by: LeftySam [17/10/2009, 05:43]
i had the same problem downloading "flashforward" after i updated to i fixed the problem by using the fix listed by novaking.

tools->options->connection, and unchecking
"prompt for selection when a dl with an anonymous tracker is added."
[#121149] Written by: sonmoix [17/10/2009, 06:42]
the same solution works for azureus
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