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[#173114] Written by: krypter [15/12/11, 01:30]
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Quote by ockraz
Quote by verb

i loved that they didnt go over the top with it. other than the pig fucking bit, it was almost totally a
stand-up straight drama. and thats what made it funny. they couldve done it in the "jokes-every-
second" style... but instead chose to let the situation create the funny around the serious tone. i loved it.
my favorite bit was the aide chick saying to take his time because if he rushes it, it'll seem like hes
enjoying it. then cut to someone watching him go on and on and quip "sick fucker....he just keeps
going, its been over an hour!" that made me laugh out out.

christ. if people watched this show, not heard about the premise or read a blurb but actually watched
it, and they came away finding it funny, then all i can say is that those people are sick fucks. this was
disturbing almost painful to watch. it was about the intentional debasing and humiliating of someone
who'd done nothing whatsoever to deserve it, and that's funny? what is wrong with you? if it had been
done over the top snl style, then yeah, i can see someone finding it humorous, but this was done
straight and realistically. when you saw the contrast of his not going too slow (else he'd seem eager) or
too fast (he's been at it over an hour) i felt horribly sorry for the character. how easy do you think it
would be to fuck a pig until you ejaculate? i'd say it'd be horrendous. you're basically being
dehumanized and people are critiquing your sexual performance. disgusting.

Quote by verb
maybe i loved it more than most because i'm american and i envy a culture that isnt
afraid to push boundries. in the us, unless its sex and violence it doesnt even push the envelope. we
would never have a show like this over here. and if we did it'd be in a snl sketch or some over the top
gross-out movie.

i'm american too buddy, and while i do agree that the typical uk drama is probably better than the
typical us broadcast drama (although there are outliers: they produce some crappy ones and we
produce some pretty great ones and when you look at our cable stuff that's quite good), i am not
envious of this show. i'm glad that it'd never be broadcast here. i'm not saying it shouldn't have been
made. if an indie production company wanted to make it as a movie and shop it around festivals like
that fake documentary from a few years back about the assassination of president bush, then fine.
people of all political stripes agreed that that was in poor taste and it was mostly ignored. i suppose
something like this or the bush film could've gotten picked up by hbo or showtime to play in the
evenings once the film finished its theatrical run. that's how it could've been made here, and i think
that it's better that we'd not have actually broadcast it.

a couple of things struck me. one was that there was a 'man on the street' interview where a fellow
said that the pm should do it because they could always get another pm but they couldn't get another
princess. i wonder how much that makes this something that couldn't happen in a republic like the us.
would they have suggested the same if it's just been the daughter of a senator or a former president?

another thing that occurred to me was that the ordinary people watching and commenting in the show
were looking at it as a matter of the pm being forced to 'sacrifice his dignity'. not to put too fine a point
on it, but he was basically letting himself be raped by a farm animal. suppose that the pm had been
margaret thatcher and the demand was that she let herself be screwed by a dog. would anyone have
described that as merely a 'sacrifice of one's dignity'?

i was surprised that they portrayed the aftermath as his remaining popular with a 3 point bump in the
polls. i have a hard time believing that. in real life, people (despite wanting him to do it in the heat of
the moment) would have been unable to respect him afterwards, just as they showed happening with his
wife. that's actually much more realistic than suggesting he'd have a mild increase in popularity.
human beings are fickle, emotional, and irrational. we make decisions under pressure that we
reconsider in the cold hard light of day. in reality, he'd have been forced to resign in two months or
less having lost the confidence and respect of the people whom he was supposed to represent.

finally, i was hoping that this was going somewhere different. i kept watching and waiting hoping for it
to become a modern analog to the lady godiva story. that would have given the thing at least some
sort of redemptive moral. remember that when godiva consents to humiliate herself for the good of
the people of coventry, everyone is instructed to look away. much the same is done in this story. in
the godiva legend, only the "peeping tom" (which is where the term originates) actually watches and he
was shamed, and in some versions became blind or died. i was hoping that after a couple of minutes,
the pm would look into the camera and say something like, "for god's sake, if you have any decency
you won't still be watching. anyone who's still watching me debase myself - knowing why i'm doing it -
have you no shame?"

i was hoping and waiting for that moment. i wanted to see how they would show the reaction of all the
people still tuned in. that would have made for an interesting commentary about how much modern
entertainment focuses on people being humiliated for the viewers enjoyment. from the old jerry
springer show to fear factor to a lot of similar garbage on the internet and foreign tv. (it seems
especially popular in japan, which i don't understand. it strikes me as out of character.)

then there would at least have been a moral to the story.

dude write a novel why don't you god damn

[#173334] Written by: ockraz [19/12/11, 13:08]
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Quote by krypter
dude write a novel why don't you god damn

sorry if my wordiness bothered you. (not really) i found the show really disturbing, and some people's
reactions even more so. i haven't mastered limiting my thoughts to 140 characters and i'm not sad about
it. what i'm really wondering, however, is why you'd quote the entire post if your problem was it's length.
you might want to look up a little thing called an "ellipsis".
[#195495] Written by: wolvie38 [18/02/13, 16:49]
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wtf did i just watch? if this is the best media has to offer, you can keep it. total trash! and i
love twisted shows/movies!
[#196449] Written by: davee [07/03/13, 20:02]
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Quote by wolvie38
wtf did i just watch? if this is the best media has to offer, you can keep it. total
trash! and i
love twisted shows/movies!

i had a friend tell me today to watch black mirror and if this any indication of the rest i'll not
bother. it really is crap and not good satire at all.