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[#210913] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/02/14, 05:45]
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[#210915] Written by: TmeH007 [18/02/14, 06:29]
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this is a descpicable teen drama where the scifi side is just ... useless.
don't download unless you are really into this kind of drama.
[#210918] Written by: elendeman [18/02/14, 06:50]
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space opera
[#210919] Written by: lalez [18/02/14, 07:15]
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havent got the time to watch yet but it is a cw show and most pre-air reviews said it is a teen
drama with the standard cw plot devices (love triangle etc)

will check it out after work and then come back again
[#210923] Written by: Elrad135 [18/02/14, 09:10]
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so, no new great sci fi serie there ?
[#210924] Written by: Ferozban [18/02/14, 10:06]
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god, one must be a 14yo screaming girl to find this show compelling.

the sci-fi part of this show is totally redundant. its just forced teen drama
[#210928] Written by: decanos78 [18/02/14, 11:56]
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sounds to me a bit like that old sci-fi show from the very early 90's.. errr? alien nation, that's it.. but
they are not fatally wounded by water.. lol.. or not so much serious storyline. i'll give it a shot and
come back with an edit.

added note: after watching this episode its not too bad for a 1st episode, though a little fluffy, its
opened up many doors that can be explored in future episodes. i think i would have liked to have seen
more on the crash, it just felt for me a little too pushed into.. "these are the aliens, deal with it". i found
myself throughout this episode thinking.. "god! this is so like roswell, hope they don't go down the
depressing road that show went", (even though i loved that series and it had some pretty damn good
episodes). in all.. i personally think this could be a pretty decent sci-fi show that could last a few
seasons if they go down the right road with the story, i'll definatly be watching this show, it's something
different to all the 27 shows a week i'm watching atm, i think a change is good on times.
[#210929] Written by: Acerbic [18/02/14, 12:56]
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shhh, guys. i'd give this thing few more episodes to redeem itself.

may be we will get lucky and sugary teen love-drama will be pushed aside for some "alien freedom
fighters" action, there is a great social/economical clash of civilizations plot to explore.
[#210930] Written by: Audiovore [18/02/14, 13:39]
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this is bad. like really bad. it hurt my brain a bit actually. the transparently veiled desegregation and
native commentary only makes it worse, but i did realized we could have a compelling drama about
actually desegregation. perhaps that's something amc could do after mad men.

but back to this. pseudo-future tech that breaks illusion instead of build it. bigotry without a single mention
of human-human bigotry(which will still be going strong in 2024). asinine rookie/nerves shot during first
contact. interpreting an obvious crash as an "invasion". having a restricted rez full of aliens inside a
metropolitan area, which is breach-able in 2024, by teenagers(post surveillance world, every being on the
planet would have those tracking bracelets(or phone!)). the "freedom fighters"(of a controlled population
mind you), yeah black panthers. please, again i say, just give us a legit deseg drama.

this idea was only marginally passable for district 9, mostly because the aliens and location were more
[#210931] Written by: decanos78 [18/02/14, 14:04]
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Quote by acerbic
may be we will get lucky and sugary teen love-drama will be pushed aside for
some "alien freedom fighters" action, there is a great social/economical clash of civilizations plot to

SPOILER ALERT - (highlight to read)
think you might get your wish there with that one scene on the roof with the boy/girl on and
she says the meetings the alien parents are having, it's hinted it could very well go down that road and
what's happened at the end of this episode.
[#210936] Written by: ReLoop [18/02/14, 16:40]
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they have basically replaced vampires and werewolves with "aliens" that happens to look nearly
identical to humans. buffed up to eye-twitching levels.

another awkward teen-emo tv series. predicting the usual frustrated softporn in later episodes.

if you want something that will tickle your brain than this is not for you. at least not yet. there is
still hope. a small, tiny, microscopical one. it usually gets good right before it gets cancelled. like
almost human. my brain feels so under-stimulated i might actually have to read a sci-fi book. i
don't have time for that!

these kinds of plots is so infuriatingly frustrating to watch. because it is so cliche and
predictable. humans being humans. killing everything in sight. running around in fear and scared
like headless chickens. showing off all the bad sides of humanity at once. being retardedly
american-stupid. all racism suddenly redirected at the aliens.

aliens being aliens.
SPOILER ALERT - (highlight to read)
was surprised so many survived! humping teenagers and plotting to
take over the planet. either because they planned it from the beginning or because humans
attacked them.

stupefyingly predictable and lazy script.
do writers not even bother to try making it good and complex anymore?
the pattern of sci-fi and fantasy tv series are worryingly bland and bad.
[#210942] Written by: rudyray [18/02/14, 21:06]
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yeah wow, just wow... this is 100% standard cw teen garbage.

but, these shows sometimes survive, because with enough interesting writing, folks love a guilty
pleasure. this has enough eye candy and story potential to keep going. it all depends on just how
good their world-building is. at least with aliens they have a blank slate to work with.

so if you like this sort of thing, jump in.
[#210944] Written by: secondrule [18/02/14, 22:35]
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i would rather put pins in my eyes and shove a red-hot poker up my dead-bear's butt than watch any
more than the 15 minutes of this, i subjected myself to.

formulaic, slow, tedious and pre-pubescant drivel!
[#210946] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/02/14, 23:19]
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@reloop -- almost human has not been canceled...as you stated. it's too early to predict a
cancelation with any certainty. also, you said, "retardedly american-stupid" as though that is a
known thing, a condition that americans suffer from . it's not. and it's slightly offensive.

@the whiners -- what were you expecting? you do realize, don't you, that it's cw?
our show information page lists drama and romance as two of the three genres.
if you were epxecting a high quality scifi series then your expectations were unrealistically way off.
foolish wishful thinking. if you were expecting a cw style dramatic romance show with a little sci-fi-
ish elements thrown in, then your expectations were right on the mark. exactly as advertised.

/end my two cents.

p.s. my commentary was not mean to be insulting.
it's my off sense of humor. i find it all quite funny.

[#210947] Written by: evolutioncv [19/02/14, 01:18]
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Quote by acerbic
shhh, guys. i'd give this thing few more episodes to redeem itself.

may be we will get lucky and sugary teen love-drama will be pushed aside for some "alien freedom
fighters" action, there is a great social/economical clash of civilizations plot to explore.

yeah, that's exactly what the title suggests...